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Centrifugal separator
· Characteristics of centrifugal separator
1. Save Space & Cost
Continuous separating & dewatering device save energy. This requires relatively small room for installing machine. Decreased operating time and high performace motor save extreme energy.
Compact design results in low maintenace cost.
2. Simple Install
Operating vibration being small, no fastening devices such as bolts are necessary. Simply but the machine base frame on vibroisolating rubbers.
3. Simple operation and Maintenance
Automatic continuous operation being possible, operating is simple. Central grease lubrication is adapted.
4. Direct injection of Cohesive Agents
For sludge treatment, cohesive agents are injected directly to the inside of Decanter. This results in reducing of usage of the agents
5. Explosion-proof, airtight model also possible
· Applications
1. Medical
medicinal herb extraction, medicinal plant fiber
2. Food Industry
apple juice, peanut oil, squeezed water of fish & meat, vegetable waste, fat dregs, coffee liquid, rape-seed oil, squeezed juice of carrot, corn starch, lard refiniing, grape juice onion calcined oil, olive, grain powder, gelatine, glutamic acid soda
3. Wastewater Treatment
sewage in water-purifying, drainage, and night soil drainage of barn, dyeing, leather, and plants, waste oil, petroleum tank slurry
4. Chemical Industry
heavy hydric natrium of phosphoric acid, pigment, ammonia sulphuric, aluminium oxide, barium sulphuric, lead oxide, activated carbon, titanium dioxide zinc sulphuric, dyes
5. Petrochemical Industry
polypropylene glycol, polystyrene, PVC, nitrocelluos
6. Mining Industry
purifying water of ore dressing, slurry of sandy dust & purifying water barium carbonate, calcium carbonate, aluminium oxide, plaster, purifying water slurry several dusts, tar slurry, oxidized steel, iron chloride, zinc hydroxide magnesium hydroxide
7. Oil & Fat Industry
fish oil, poultry oil, pig oil, cow's oil
8. Mechanical Industry
benzene emulsion, rolling waste oil, cutting oil, coal tar, coolant
Wastewater Treatment
Rubber / Plastic resin
Food / Drink
Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics

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