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FINE CO., LTD will be reborn as a global leader
Automation Machine Division
Factory automation
· Technical overview
We suggest solutions that are optimized for process by reviewing existing manuals / semi-automatic / unreasonable process and carry out design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and test-drive for improving customer satisfaction and establishing an intelligent manufacturing plant.
· Work process
· Target for factory automation
Automation of manual work process
· Automation for incoming
    and outgoing
· Automation in logistics
· Automation in loading
· Automation in packaging
Improvement in existing
· Shortening cycle
· Improvement in process
· Improvement in
    deteriorated parts
Improvement of risk factors in the process
· Improvement of risk process
· Improvement in harmful
Information solution
· Manufacturing Execution
    System (MES)
· Product Life Cycle
    Management (PLM)
· Supply Chain Management
· Line Monitoring System
· Automation of manual work process
By replacing existing manual work parts with automated facilities, failure is reduced and productivity is improved.
· Application field
Automation in input / collection / loading / packaging / logistics
· Improvement in existing facilities
By improving existing facilities, capabilities are improved
· Field of application
Shortening cycle / improvement of deteriorated facilities / improvement in process
· Improvement of risk factors in the process
By removing risk factors in the manufacturing process, people are protected from risks.
· Field of application
Press input, automation in collection / loading / input and collection of hazardous substances
· Conceptual diagram for smart factory

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